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Mastering Deception - HD Download & Stream

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Mastering Deception - HD Download & Stream


Serious Squash is proud to present our 2nd full length instructional film, Mastering Deception. PSA tour players Nicole Bunyan and Giselle Delgado assisted with the on court drill sessions as we look into what exactly encompasses anticipation, disguise and deception.

There are 7 chapters in this 56 minute video which will help you learn how to disguise your shots and also become more deceptive. The chapters are 1) Introduction to Anticipation, Disguise & Deception 2) Option Drills From The Front 3) Feeding Drills 4) Options Drills From The Back 5) Short Hitting Solo Drills 6) Charting Deception and 7) In Conclusion. 

This film has slow motion portions and numerous camera angles (yes, including the hockey stick birds eye view!). Discussed during the video is how deception works and different ways you can trick your opponents and make the court play bigger while tiring our your opponent faster. 

As with the 1st film, after purchase you will receive a download link and a video will open to stream it as well. There is also a money back satisfaction guarantee with all purchases. You will only receive a single download so please ensure you have a bit of space on your laptop or desktop when doing so (because of the slow motion replays it's 2GB).

Thanks for supporting Serious Squash and please send any feedback both positive and constructive to 

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