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Master's Final Project - Advanced Decision-Making Training From the Amber Zone of The Squash Court


In 2013 I completed my Masters degree at the University of Victoria. For my final comprehensive project I chose to do a paper on decision making. The full title of my project is 'Advanced Decision-Making Training From the Amber Zone of the Squash Court: A Guide for Coaching Professional Squash Players.' Yes I realize it's a mouthful, but it had to be targeted to a specific audience and at this time I was coaching a professional player. 

Since completing my project it has simply been collecting dust sort of speak. I have only shown it to a handful of people and for something that took so many months to complete it feels like a waste. Yes I got my degree and learned from it, but there is a lot of research I did that could be helpful to the squash community and beyond. It is without a doubt the best written document I've ever completed as I spent more time editing it than I did writing it! 

So if you're interested in motor skill acquisition, shot selection, information processing, reaction time, anticipation, deception, postural cues, situational and strategic shot selection and decision-making training you will thoroughly enjoy this 98 page paper. If you don't learn something new and find it interring I will be more than happy to refund your purchase! 

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