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Serious Squash Is Now Accepting Sponsorship Applications

Sponsorship Applications

Serious Squash is all about growing squash and sharing my passion. It's still early in the stages of Serious Squash, but I am now offering sponsorships and officially accepting applications. Here are the different levels and the qualifications necessary for each level. 


Gold Package Qualifications: Professional player, top collegiate player, top 3 junior national ranking in your age group or be family :) What you get (annually): 3 shirts or tank tops, 1 hat, 1 hoodie, 5 wristbands, 5 bandanas, plus any additional items I design over the current season. Includes free shipping and a Team Serious Squash Backpack. Approximate retail value: $400+. Limited to 3 players per season. 

Silver Package Qualifications: Collegiate player, top 8 junior national ranking in your age group or club pro. What you get: anything you want to order from the shop at 50% off the retail price. You are responsible to cover the cost of shipping. 

Bronze Package Qualifications: Competitive on the junior circuit with an outstanding work ethic, exhibits exemplary sportsmanship and who I deem has a lot of potential. What you get: 35% off anything you would like to order in store. Limited to 3 orders per year. You are responsible to cover the cost of shipping. 

If you would like to be one of the first Serious Squash ambassadors please feel free to send me an email at and introduce yourself. Please tell me about your squash career and why you believe you would be a good spokesperson for Serious Squash. As a sponsored athlete you will also be expected to film at least 1 skill challenge per season :)

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  • John Paul Tew on

    I am currently ranked #1 in the US in the BU13. A sponsorship would be totally amazing. I love all your apparel and videos.

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